Laser Bore Sighter > SL100 Mag Laser Boresighter Red Laser

  • Red Laser.

  • Ideal for Sportsmen.

  • Uses 2 x Button Cell Batteries (included).

SL100 Mag Laser Boresighter Red Laser SL100 Mag Laser Boresighter Red Laser SL100 Mag Laser Boresighter Red Laser

SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighters use the latest laser technology to provide superior boresighting accuracy. Super-strong magnets in the arbor securely centres the laser within the muzzle for consistent accuracy. A unique system of adapters and O-rings fit .22 to 50 calibre handguns and rifles, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns and muzzleloaders.

To boresight, level the scope with the included Scope Reticle Leveler and Leveling Target. Then input your specific rifle and ammo data into the included Ballistic Targeting System software program to create a custom laser boresighting target. Next, place the laser spot on the target, align your scope with the target crosshairs and you are bore-sighted for the range you require.

All SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighters include:

  • SRL Scope Reticle Leveler.
  • Laser Boresighting Target.
  • Rugged Carrying Case.
  • Ballistic Targeting System Software.
  • Sight Alignment Verification Target.

... and superior Customer Service.

Download SiteLite Ballistic Targeting System

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