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Heavy Target Moving Range.
Moving Range 8000 Moving Range 8000 Moving Range 8000
  • The MR8000 is designed to support large targets and for integration with automatic marking systems such as SIUS Ascor. It can also be used with standard targets.
  • Operation is easy with three Push Buttons, and an Emergency Stop.
  • Easy start-up, with self-calibrating target placement without complicated adjustment.
  • 3 optional speeds, from 0 to 6 metres/sec.
  • Adjustable braking and acceleration distance.
  • Autostart is standard and starts the target running on the first  shot.
  • Motor Unit in stainless steel.
  • Belt Drive for high reliability. Dual Drive Wheels provide safe operation without slippage.
  • Vertical Rails of solid stainless steel construction, only 50 cm high.
  • The Track can be extended in 3metre sections.
  • Target Carrier is light weight and mounted on 8 x Polyurethane Wheels for low friction running.

 For details download the MR Targets Brochure.


Download the MR Targets Brochure HERE

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