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The MR180 is a Two-way Turning Target. Suitable for Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios.
MR180 Turning Target MR180 Turning Target MR180 Turning Target
  • MR 180° can be rotated 90 degrees right or left providing shoot/no shoot scenarios.
  • MR 180° can be controlled by the same Programmable Controller (MR 680) as the MR 600 Turning Target.
  • With series connection of the targets they all are controlled simultaneously from the same remote control.
  • As an option a Random turn adaptor can be applied to each target. At startup, the individual targets turn randomly right or left.
  • An alternative is simple Remote Control with Key Fob - two push buttons. Turning right or left and resetting.
  • A fully charged battery provides approximately 2000 rotations.

For details download the MR Targets Brochure.

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Download the MR Targets Brochure HERE

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