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Remote Controlled Turning Target

MR600 Remote Control Turning Target MR600 Remote Control Turning Target MR600 Remote Control Turning Target

Key Features:

  • The MR 600 is a portable and very robust turning target.

  • Suitable for Rapid Fire Pistol and Stan­dard Pistol Match and other exercises where a pre-programmed rotating sequence is required or a manually controlled turning target.

  • As optional Remote Controls you can use Cable Control with a simple push button Key Fob Control – Show/Hide, or Radio Control. The MR 680 also provides programmable timing for up to 3 groups of targets.

  • Up to 10 targets can be slaved to a Master Target using Serial Connection Cables.

  • Rotating the target takes less than 0.5 seconds.

  • The MR 600 is powered by a built-in 12v Battery (full charge gives approximately 2000 rotations) or 220v  mains power.

The MR 680 Programmable Target Controller:

The MR 680 has 3 Cable Sockets for controlling 3 targets or 3 groups of targets.

Power supply is derived from the target. Separate settings can be made for the three target groups as follows:

  • Pause time before first turn 1-999 sec.
  • Showtime 1-999sec.
  • Away time 1-999 sec.
  • Number of sequences 1-999.
  • Manually: Start, stop and turn.
  • Turning at random (socket 1) On/Off.
  • Size: 20 x 18 x 4 cm.

For details download the MR Targets Brochure.

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Download the MR Targets Brochure HERE

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