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A fast-drying lubricant and bore treatment that molecularly bonds to metal protecting against friction and wear. Based on molybdenum disulfide technology, the passivated, sub-micron particles bond to metals for long-lasting lubrication from -65F to +650F. The bonded lubrication dramatically reduces fouling thereby enhancing accuracy, bullet velocity and reliability. SMOOTH-KOTE eliminates grime with advanced non-stick dry protection that repels dirt, and allows metal fouling and powder residue to be brushed right off.

Sentry Solutions Smooth Kote

Available as:

  • 2oz/56ml Smooth Kote Bottle.
  • 8oz/227ml Smooth Kote Refiller Bottle.
  • 1/2oz/14ml Smooth Kote Precision Applicator.


Click HERE for the Smooth Kote Manual