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 The Kit Includes:

  • SMOOTH-KOTE - provides excellent lubrication and bore treatment, makes cleaning your gun simple.
  • BP2000 POWDER- pure moly lubricant to fine-tune surfaces of bores, bolts, slides and trigger parts.
  • HI-SLIP GREASE- a synthetic grease, specifically designed for firearms, that has the benefits of oil but will stay put. Lubricates over a wide temperature Smmoth Koterange and will not wash off.
  • TUF-CLOTH - the revolutionary replacement for oil/silicone rags that provides bonded dry-film corrosion protection and lubrication.
Sentry Solutions Armourers Kit Sentry Solutions Armourers Kit Sentry Solutions Armourers Kit

Armourers Kit:

  • Smoth Kote 1/2oz/14ml Applicator and 2oz/56ml Bottle.
  • BP2000 Powder.
  • Hi-Slip Grease 1/2oz/14ml Syringe.
  • Tuf Cloth in Self-seal Foil Pouch.