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Shooting range services


Range Refurbishment

As ever more powerful weapons and advanced training requirements are developed, older range structures may be ballistically inadequate to provide a safe environment in which to train and may require to be upgraded accordingly.

We are able to conduct a site survey followed by a full report covering ballistic security, air quality and acoustic compliance within the constraints of JSP403.

Where new training techniques require the capability to address targets within a 180° arc of fire, we can install ballistic sidewall protection to cater for low or high velocity weapons.

Conventional range floors provide the potential for a ricochet from a negligent discharge, to contain this risk, we can offer solutions including, ballistic rubber floor mats or a poured rubber floor surface, either of which will defeat and contain a bullet


Range Support Services

We can provide a full maintenance and support facility for Police indoor and outdoor ranges:


  • Maintenance of granular rubber, sand and steel bullet catchers
  • Maintenance of target mechanisms
  • Maintenance of ballistic protection
  • Maintenance of air handling systems, including replacement filters.
  • Full range deep clean


  • Maintenance of granular rubber and sand bullet catchers.
  • Maintenance of target mechanisms


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live fire clearance traps

We can also supply  an industry leading range of live fire clearance traps with either wall, floor or desk mounting options.

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