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About Us

ShootHouse has decades of experience providing shooting range and simulation solutions to police, mililtary and civilian clients worldwide. Read our story, from where we started out to where we are now.

The ShootHouse Story

ShootHouse, not only design, manufacture and install shooting ranges and shoothouses worldwide, but also manufacture live fire and laser based simulators, for training. The hierarchy of the company have decades of experience delivering to Police, Military and civilians worldwide.  A small but dedicated team offer a personal touch to your requirement. From the initial concept, through to installation and then training in your new venue, we are there to guide you through the entire process.

Andy Dann, Founder and Chairman of ShootHouse, has many years’ experience in the simulation industry, he has assembled a team of professionals who are all world renowned in their field of experience. An architect, who initially designs the project, a ballistic expert, who works with the architect to design the internal requirement, and then a financial expert who makes sure the whole project is delivered on budget.

The VIPER Firearms Training System allows end users to train with laser weapons or live fire, to conduct their marksmanship or judgemental training. We, if requested, will advise you of the best option for your organisation.

Based an hour north of London in the UK, the team are constantly working to enhance our products. We work closely with customers and partners and use their requirements to feed in to our research and development.

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