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Our project with the Algerian Presidential Guard demanded rapid delivery and the highest quality. ShootHouse ensured their marksmanship and situational judgement training met both requirements.

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The limitations provided by the existing range and simulations systems owned by the Algerian Presidential Guard (APG) defined the need for new capabilities required for enhanced marksmanship skills but, more critically, a performance step change in their officers Judgemental/Decision Making abilities.


Working with ShootHouse to better understand and resolve these challenges led to a Range Refresh Programme with the Presidential Guard and the implementation of our Viper Training Solution (VTS) to support both laser and live fire training capabilities on a single screen solution. 


Due to the unique and specific skills required, derived from the Personal Protection type roles undertaken, there was a critical need to be able to create unique training scenarios in order to deliver effective training. This was achieved using the VTS InterVid capability where the APG created their own scenarios on an-going basis.


Speed was of the essence in terms of delivery and the entire solution was deployed in 2 months and within budget with exceptional client feedback.

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