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We recently undertook a project with the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie and provided them with live-fire and laser simulation training facilities.

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Following a successful track record with the Moroccan National Police Force in the past, ShootHouse were chosen to support and supply the Royal Gendarmerie for the provision of the VIPER Training System (VTS).  To meet their specific training and development requirements, ShootHouse worked with The Royal Gendarmerie to design and implement a single screen system that supported both a laser and live fire capability. The need for rapid delivery of the solution was paramount and ShootHouse installed the VTS system in 2 days and Instructor training was completed in a further 3 days. 


The skills and knowledge transfer enabled by ShootHouse enabled the local instructors to be able to scan in their own targets and create their own branching training scenarios on a self-sufficient and on-going basis and this personalisation made for more realistic recruit training. 


Following the rapid installation the instructors were able to demonstrate the Viper capability using laser (a safe environment), and live fire capabilities that were led by more senior officers. As part of the programme of work, ShootHouse delivered both airsoft replica firearms and recoil kits which offer users a highly realistic shooting experience in a safe, controlled, and focused training environment. 


ShootHouse’s VTS solution has been developed so students can practise on the same courseware regardless of whether the user is firing live-fire or laser. The Royal Gendarmerie’s key driver for change was that they needed a system that allowed them to easily create and edit branching video scenarios. By using a core element of VTS, the InterVid Program, videos can be filmed with an HD camera, or even a mobile telephone. Using the in-built editor the raw footage can be manipulated in to a training video that is specific to each user. This scalability and adaptability was singled out by the Moroccan Gendarmerie as critical to them enhancing their students’ performance and judgemental use of force capabilities.

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