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The Netherlands

After winning the bid for a highly competitive contract with the Dutch Police Academy, we provided a bespoke VIPER solution, that exceeded the DPA's situational training needs, ahead of schedule and under budget.

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The Dutch Police Academy issued a formal tender centred on the need to enhance the performance and marksmanship of their Firearms Officers. ShootHouse were shortlisted to the final three suppliers and asked to demonstrate their single screen, laser shootVIPER Training System (VTS) at the Amsterdam Training facility. ShootHouse were awarded the contract following a successful demonstration of VTS. The selection criteria was based on the need to provide specific, bespoke functionality, scalability and flexibility and represented best value for money in terms of total and through-life cost.


To minimise the cost of the project and to ensure a true realistic experience, ShootHouse provided lasers and recoil kits for their existing operational firearms. This enabled rapid adoption and use of the system by their Firearms Officers.


As part of the programme of work, ShootHouse were tasked with producing VIPER courseware enhancements and improvements that were specific for the Dutch National Police. Despite the need for software and system amendments, ShootHouse’s in-house software development team were able to produce, test and go-live with the new courseware both within budget and ahead of schedule. 


The VTS Single Screen laser solution was successfully installed within a classroom facility allowing users (both instructors and Students) a safe, controlled, and focused training environment to develop their basic marksmanship skills. Through the use of the VTS InterVid Program (which provides real life, video-based training scenarios), the Dutch National Police Force are able to create, edit and develop their own branching video’s to promote and enhance judgemental decision making. Through a simple click of a button withing VTS, instructors can showcase different scenarios to ensure that the users do not premeditate decisions. 


This capability was very highly regarded by the Dutch Police Academy and set VTS apart from its competitors.

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